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What religion are you?
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Submitted By pocketMAD on 12/03/20
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This should be the most edited post in the history of plezpeida because we are talking about religions. 
Wright down what your religion is and what it is. Then wright why your are the religion.

Be as specific as possible.


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Re: What religion are you?
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Posted 2012/03/20 - 2:27 GMT
I am a Miscellaneous Alligoriblblical Christian. (MAC, Misc.BC, slang term: "Cafeteria Christian")
A Misc. AB Christian is someone who believes certain rules about the bible. A MAC also believes the Bible word by word (the stories) and believes that it is not only a storybook, but an allegorical message. Err…messages. This religion is closely related to Biblical Christianity. Biblical christianity is, IMO, the perfect religion. There are, IMO, a couple of things in it that I think should change. For example, as society changed, so should rules. Even though we should be a follower of Christ instead of a follower of Moses, I am still stuck to rules and is unsure of what to do. Basically, I believe sexual intercourse, etc.; shouldn't be a marriage-only thing. That is all. There are a couple more things I disagree with, but that is a major one.

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