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Submitted By AJN_HawaiianDude_Cal on 12/02/03
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I was looking through the forums and I was trying to look at some posts, and when I looked at some posts/discussions, this is what came up.
Can someone please help?  I want to see the posts... :/

3 days - 13,589v
Posted 2012/02/03 - 2:30 GMT
If you refresh the page the comments should show up.  For some reason the comments load last and considerably slower now.
2 days - 6,069v
Posted 2012/02/03 - 2:31 GMT
Ever since CarbonTech instituted the new forum system, allowing you to flag comments, there has been a delay between seeing the post, and seeing the comments. Just wait about 20-30 seconds, and you should be able to see the comments.
[Mod] Apophis
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/02/03 - 10:51 GMT
This has happened to me as well.
Sometimes when I just wait it still doesn't load, so I have to refresh. If refreshing still doesn't work, then you should switch from Hybrid comment view to Flat or Threaded comment view.
Alternatively, you could just disable Javascript in your web browser and that should do the trick :)
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/02/03 - 23:24 GMT
"Too many replies for fancy display"
3 days - 13,589v
Posted 2012/02/03 - 23:29 GMT
Check if it is possible to access  http://server.carbontechsoftware.com/.  If you cannot access there, the comments will not load.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/02/03 - 23:30 GMT
But if the comments won't load, he can't read that :P
3 days - 13,589v
Posted 2012/02/03 - 23:33 GMT
True, Cal, woudl you mind putting my comment above in the text part so that people can see it even if comments will not load?

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