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Armor Upgrade/Downgrade Pathway
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A new method for armors to be rented and lost.
Submitted By Totoro on 12/03/06
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Hello all,
I am not entirely sure how armor rental system works, but if it doesn't follow the following, I would like to request that it does.
As you rent armors, eventually they will be lost if you do not renew. Additionally, the previous armor type (basic -> light -> assault -> heavy) is needed before purchasing the next 'size up.' I suggest something along the lines of renting, say, basic armor for 7 days will give you basic armor for seven days. However, if you rent light armor for seven days, then the light armor begins counting down and the timer on the basic armor freezes. Once you lose the light armor, it reverts to basic armor with the amount of time you had left on the armor from when you bought the upgrade.
I hope that makes sense.
~ techietotoro

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Re: Armor Upgrade/Downgrade Pathway
2 days - 6,069v
Posted 2012/03/06 - 15:37 GMT
[Mod] Totoro,
That is a great idea, because then people, if they lose "Heavy Armor" they would not have to start at "Basic Armor" again. I fully approve this idea, and I think that this should be implemented into a game.
[Mod] Apophis
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Re: Armor Upgrade/Downgrade Pathway
1 hour - 66v
Posted 2012/03/06 - 18:34 GMT
i think that's a good idea but if you get rid of the need to have to by the lower armor in the first place it would make this problem a lot easier and simpler.
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Re: Armor Upgrade/Downgrade Pathway
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/03/06 - 23:24 GMT
Actually, I went straight to Heavy. I never bought Basic Armor, Light Armor, or Assault Armor.
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Re: Armor Upgrade/Downgrade Pathway
1 day - 5,977v
Posted 2012/03/07 - 5:43 GMT
same here... i have both ninja armors for ever aand the heavy...

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