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Submitted By lucy12398coolv on 12/01/29
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Hi, this is lucy12398. I got hacked by ww00 we where in a game and this is what we said
it was likehe said you have fun with your creds and he told me a couple hackes and he said he will hack me more money so i said no then he said well its your "LOSS". and by loss he meant you will lose creds. and for some reason he found what my pc code was.
i know thats not much proof and i was goona take a screen shot but i did not know at the moment.

9 hours - 1,493v
Posted 2012/01/29 - 21:04 GMT
yes ppl hes back, i suspected that he was a hacker since the first time i encountered him he was already fully equipped. i believe hes using some kinda of application hex editor,cheat engine etc... since lucy revealed that he hacked her credits i think he was able to change the VALUES of the game without being detected. recommendation:cc should be very strict now with players like him.this should be reported to a kong mod immediately.
9 hours - 1,493v
Posted 2012/01/29 - 21:05 GMT
its going to be hard to ban,kick him out since there is no good proof.
9 hours - 1,493v
Posted 2012/01/30 - 19:00 GMT
ww00 there are more than 5 cases being reported that u have been hacking. nattyfrank,me,lucy,suffercor had been discussing this since the first time u played.and i saw you playing cc for a while it wasn't 2-1 months ago it was like 1-3 weeks ago.dont remember but i have u in my friend list.
8 hours - 843v
Posted 2012/01/29 - 21:48 GMT
true. but we need some spy or somthing to prove that he hacks to get more proof. like sumoe ho is on 24-7. but i do know he has no reload(meaning he can shoot rail 100 times without reloading.
14 hours - 1,369v
Posted 2012/01/30 - 13:55 GMT
I went to look at the forums to see what was new after not playing for months, and i see this, now i wonder, what is this about? i played last time 1 - 2 months ago.
9 hours - 1,493v
Posted 2012/01/30 - 19:06 GMT
ww00, there are reported more than 5 cases that you most likely have been hacking since the first time we vs you, you were already fe(full equipped). we already have threads about you.and when you said that you played 1-2 months ago thats a lie because even though ppl in kong cant see you, u go to the main site,hidden.
23 hours - 3,072v
Posted 2012/01/30 - 23:59 GMT
People, the only words on this page below the page header that are comprehendable in some form of English are those of ww00. So, if you have some complaint, write it in ENGLISH. If not, we'll just side with ww00 the whole time if it comes to taking sides.
2 days - 6,069v
Posted 2012/01/31 - 0:07 GMT
Thank you. I personally do believe you should write in ENGLISH. You know, the stuff that you learn in English (or Language Arts, for some of you) class. If you have a complaint to make, please write a nice, polite, PM to all four moderators, so that we can listen to your case. Then, we will hear the other side of the story, and ultimately make a decision.
[Mod] Apophis
9 hours - 1,493v
Posted 2012/01/31 - 1:10 GMT
1.many regular ppl dont like to be corrected.
2.reason why ppl don't write it in "ENGLISH" form is because it shortens the time. its called abbreviations.
3.if the person writes really bad than its an exception. other than that if you do it on purpose it gets really annoying.
4.apophis even though u are a mod i dont think u can solve the problem unless u can send it to a real kong mod or admin.but in this situation ct must improve security only way to prevent this from happening-your director.
9 hours - 1,493v
Posted 2012/01/31 - 1:43 GMT
and i mean cmon were still fighting about proper english. i mean those who think are smart or feel intelligent they really are not.Don't like me,cool i dont wake up everyday to impress YOU!
3 days - 13,589v
Posted 2012/01/31 - 1:55 GMT
Director, instead of making multiple posts, why don't you edit the previous comment?  It would keep the thread much, much cleaner. 
Edit: This is what an edit looks like.
Edit v2.0: And the reason everyone is arguing over proper English is because it makes everything so much easier to read.  That is a fact.  Also, it makes the person sound more intelligent and makes their information sound more legitimate.
9 hours - 1,493v
Posted 2012/01/31 - 2:29 GMT
Natty,natty,natty I always liked u defending ur little comrades but this will end very soon.
3 days - 13,589v
Posted 2012/01/31 - 2:37 GMT
I am defending no one.  I was just stating my views and the reason I lean that way.  By the way, Natty is a proper noun, therefor, it is capitalized.  (you may capitalize words one of two ways: first, Press shift key when you press a letter, or second, press caps lock key, press letter, the press caps lock key again.)

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