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A Simple Problem... :-(
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Submitted By Apophis on 12/01/15
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Hello All,
Sorry for my brevity, but I have a very simple dilemma. I have been trying to export some .obj's into the game, but I simply can't figure out EXACTLY what to put in that little box. I am using a mac, so please type it out like this (I know this is more of a windows format, but whatever):
C:/ [Name of User]/ [Name of Main Folder]/ [Name of other folder]/ [Name of other folder]/ [name of file]
Or something sort of like that. I am confused, but I will hide this as soon as it is answered.
[Mod] Apophis

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Array Re: A Simple Problem... :-(
2012/01/15 - 1:20 GMT
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You have to upload the .obj file to Dropbox or some other file host. If you want colors/textures to show up you need to put the .mtl file in the same directory as the .obj file. Once you have it uploaded, copy the url to the .obj file and paste it into the .obj loader in the Creator.
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Array Re: A Simple Problem... :-(
2012/01/15 - 11:33 GMT
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Thanks for the information, I was looking for this as well.

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