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Some Suggestions
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I have a few suggestions that might interest you!
Submitted By LVXYZ on 12/01/29
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Hey guys, I have just started back playing the game recently, had the sprinter bodykit and ninja regen armor, and was #30 (THIRTY) on the top boards...now I look back, and see a lot more players, and notice that im under three HUNDRED?! Anyway, things have gotten a lot livelier, lately, so I think there should be some more unique items to go along with this. I understand the fact that the CC servers aren't the best, and I'm not telling anyone to use these, but just listen to my ideas. :3
First off, the option to color-customize the secondary black color of your car, and/or apply decals to it. (For NORMAL deathmatch and freeplay)
Next, is even more important. Know how the Sprinter Kit is a sexy model, that increases speed, and is really unique? Yeah, we need more CARS like that (I'm pretty sure its obvious). I emphasize "cars" because I wouldn't count Sprinter as simply a kit in the future. A suggestion would be like a Juggernaut, really high protection, at the cost of speed (and has a DIFFERENT model). 
Have ultimate versions of armors or kits available for purchase after upgrading the armor to lvl. 20 (max). Example: 6000 credits to finalize the ninja regen armor into its ultimate version, increasing regen rate, acceleration and speed, protection, and armor regen (slower than health regen).
Have options to customize wheels, and possibly upgrade jet speed, maneuvering, and flame color.
Weapon proficiencies - The option to choose what stat (besides damage) of your weapon to level up, whether it be to make rapid fire rockets, or a huge lazer. Some stats might not work well, so only certain weapons should have appropriate stats available to upgrade.
Killstreaks - Apply powerups to a customizeable chain of kills that you'll recieve when you earn a preset amount of kills. (I know it's Call of Duty-ish, but the term is kind of generic, and CoD isn't the only game with them.)
New killstreak-only weapon - Nuclear missiles - Get access to ultra powerful homing missiles that have a huge area of effect, after chaining possibly 20 kills.
New normal powerup - Hyperdrive - travel at extremely high speeds with an aura around you that will cause damage to enemies upon impact. Damage increased by speed. (this one should be pretty expensive)
Another powerup - Teleportation - teleport to the closet solid structure that your crosshair points to (should be expensive too)
Weapon - Mine launcher - Basically your sticky grenade launcher, the mine will stick to wherever it lands and explode after a set time.
Laser suggestion - make the laser start going THROUGH people, and water, and level 20.
Leveling system - those points that you see on the front page should be put to some use! Earn extra creds by leveling up, and possibly have small stat buffs too.
Self Destruct - If you can't seem to get out of a situation, have the car EXPLODE, causing area damage to enemies. This can be for the "/r" command, and can still give the other team the point for your death, but you, in turn will be able to try to leave a "parting gift" and help out your team, as well.
Well, I hope someone reads all of this and tells me their opinion about it! I also really hope some of these get into the game in the future! ;)

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Re: Some Suggestions
8 hours - 843v
Posted 2012/01/29 - 3:02 GMT
the only thing i will comment on is at the top you said:
First off, the option to color-customize the secondary black color of your car, and/or apply decals to it.
 that would not work because you have to be color specific lso that people can tell whitch team you are on easly not like having your armor red arnd your car blue, that would not be easy to tell what team you are on. but i agree with the decals and the sprinter thing.
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Re: Some Suggestions
31 minutes - 105v
Posted 2012/01/29 - 13:12 GMT
Yeah, i see that now. Thanks!
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Re: Some Suggestions
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/01/29 - 4:09 GMT
Most of them seem a bit iffy except the last one.
The last idea (Self-destruct) is a great idea! A bit like "If I go down, I'm taking you with me!" sort of thing.
Instead of multiple cars, what about different vehicles? I know CarbonTech has a tank, and there could be a helicopter or something to provide variety.
I also like the customizing multiple aspects of some weapons. (Reload time, clip size, power)
Nice, organized, and well thought out post.
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Re: Some Suggestions
31 minutes - 105v
Posted 2012/01/29 - 13:13 GMT
Again, thanks  :3
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Re: Some Suggestions
1 day - 5,354v
Posted 2012/01/29 - 16:33 GMT
They all seem good except the nuclear missle (would be overpowered). For the Juggernaut armour, there is already something similar, the Heavy armour, and you can upgrade its protection.
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Re: Some Suggestions
31 minutes - 105v
Posted 2012/01/29 - 18:27 GMT
Yeah, thats why I said like 20 killstreak, and it could be limited time too. I know about the heavy armor, but it doesn't have a lot of protection. Juggernaut was supposed to be a BODYKIT (Just like Sprinter) that instead of increasing speed at loss of defense, will increase defense ridiculously at the cost of speed.
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Re: Some Suggestions
1 day - 5,977v
Posted 2012/03/14 - 4:01 GMT
The last one. Yes it would be pretty sick to use this, but, it would only be for upclose. I don't usaully see upclose combat anymore, so to me it would prove useless... sorry...
P.S. I FREAKIN' love the idea of the telliporting thing... but i think that it should be like a (I'm not sure this is like one of the blue canisters that make you invisable) purple-ish color, kind of like in the apple ipod app "Jetpack: Joyride."
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Re: Some Suggestions
23 hours - 3,072v
Posted 2012/03/14 - 6:56 GMT
This guy knows what's up. Although I do not agree with the specifics of a few things here and there, the general gist is spot on concerning the direction Carbon Combat needs to travel in. Please read, CT.

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