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The punishment of certain players
Submitted By FatCatAttack on 12/03/19
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Hello puny Earthlings!
So after coming back to the forums I decide to play the game again after the new updates. I might as well start off with the positives:
  • The new look is very pleasing.
  • Amounts of cash earned is increased
  • Farming counter-measures are working well
  • Flying system is easier to pick up and offers better acceleration
  • Rent items are preserved if bought before update (big thanks)
Well now that I have established that I'm not just here to rant, I have to voice some critisizm. Let me start with this:
WHAT THE (swear) !
This new credit and expirence system is unfair! It is horrible to new and unskilled players by limiting credits and the abillity to rent items to more skilled players. Let me explain:
  • Items expire over time, meaning you have to play frequently in order for credits spent on rented items to pay off. This sucks because I, for one, have a life. I am unable to have a constant scheduale with time set aside for Carbon Combat. I might buy an item for a week and plan on using it as often as possible but then due to my scheduale I cannot play CC for several days. I waste several of the days I rented the item for, and so waste credits. While I am open to having a system to rent items you have to realize that while it is true it allows new players more expensive equipment earlier no one will buy it if they are unable to make a profit off of it.
  • You have to be a certain rank to rent items. Going back to my previous point of making a profit off of items, you have to realize by having items rented for lower amounts of time has it at a worse pay-per-day ratio. A cash penalty to players of less skill? Come on. Who wants to rent items for increased cost?
  • Players' levels are EXP based, but EXP decreases when killed by lower ranked players. I am totally okay with this until you start giving bonuses to higher level players. Achivements, renting, come on! Players are not all able to aquire the skill to rank up and it is unfair to lesser skilled players that you punish them in this way! If you are going to put a leveling system like this then clearly show exp decreases and match similar skilled players, give everyone a chance. Better yet, remove all bonuses for higher ranked players.
All right, I'm done ranting. Might edit this post later or after comments.

23 hours - 3,072v
Posted 2012/03/19 - 1:43 GMT
I agree that the system is seriously stacked towards the upper level of players, and it really needs to be the other way around. I disagree with your first point, but the second two are spot on. 
CarbonTech, please read this and consider a few adjustments to improve the user experience.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/03/19 - 1:46 GMT
Perhaps rental items could last much longer?
3 days - 13,589v
Posted 2012/03/19 - 2:02 GMT
I hardly ever play anymore...  My items expire on 3/22/12 and I am still at 513 exp... 
I think that either exp needs to be eaiser to get or something... 
I think I will start to play again when the new update comes out... 
I also agree with Techie and what he said about your points FatCatAttack (FCA may I?)
1 day - 3,651v
Posted 2012/03/19 - 2:16 GMT
I realized while writing the post that items are not exactly designed to make a profit off of, though I kept it in to give a RAGE feel to the post, and as a viewpoint from someone veiwing their options on whether to rent an item or not.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/03/19 - 3:09 GMT
While you do have some valid points, you are also overdramatizing it. Yes, new players are at a (slight) disadvantage, but it gives them something to aspire to be. Everyone wants to be the best, especially when it comes with benefits, such as longer-lasting stuff.
1 day - 3,651v
Posted 2012/03/19 - 3:47 GMT
...something to aspire to be.
I don't think you have ever been shut-out by a sniper before, have you? It sucks. From a standpoint that you are unable to compete with someone, you are not aspired to get better. You want to buy your way to the top, with this guy's fancy shields and armor and guns. You have to take in the visual differences in new players and veterans. Carbon Combat's community is keeping it's old members, that for sure, but it also has very few new members coming in and the pro/top 15 community where all the feedback comes from.
For instance, one of the most common and well-agreed apon suggestions on Kongregate is new cars, yet there is no evidence of it on the forums. Sure you can argue with the logic of adding new cars/vehicles, but majority (hence an unrepresented majority on the forums) will present a powerful case purely out of numbers.
Take this into account, Yoshi. I might not be a newb but I am definetly a noob. I love the idea of an independant, constantly updating multiplayer game like Carbon Combat and I would love to get better at it. The problem lies in that no matter how hard I try, I will never be as good as the rest of you. I want to be better, but I can't. This is a reality many players live with, and unfortinetly almost all walk out after expirencing a system so lopsided where one player can be just so overpowering is a common stay-away in online gaming. My proof? The inexplicable anger over in Kongregate. Dead chat is ofter revived after someone shouts "This game sucks!". Every five comments a rant on the game appears. People get angry when players are unable to get the potential enjoyment out of the game, and lots of players give games only one chance. We need to keep players long enoughf for them to get into the combat in Carbon Combat, and I hope we will eventually be able to. Now, however we are driving them away.
1 day - 5,977v
Posted 2012/03/19 - 22:58 GMT
You have a GREAT point. we need some type of a "little Something-Something" for newbs who come to CC... Myabe any item, wepon, armor, etc, of their choice. This Idea, combined with, i think THEpancakes, ideas for the rental system, should bring more players. I sometimes try to convinvce some of my friends to come and try, but something isnt catching their intrest... i dont know what it is, do you guys have an idea?
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/03/19 - 23:05 GMT
I believe I proposed an idea for a game mode with nothing. No weapons, no armor, no items, except for the rocket launcher and plasma blaster. That would balance everything.
Also, if you keep getting sniped, then you aren't evading well enough :P
3 days - 13,589v
Posted 2012/03/19 - 23:14 GMT
For that last point you had Yoshi, if someone has invis armour on and you cannot see where they are shooting from, it is pretty darn hard to avoid them.  I have been on both sides of the railgun.  If the shooter is good with the railgun, short of going behind cover it is close to 100% impossible to avoid them.  And if you are trying to get to them it is almost 100% absolute that you will die on your way there.
1 day - 3,651v
Posted 2012/03/19 - 23:50 GMT
My major suggestion here is to use our ranking system to the advantage of new players. Give the option to put max (and maybe minimum) level requirements onto matches. New players can play together while veterans are pitted into fights to test their skill. We have the tools, we have to capitalize on it.
1 day - 5,977v
Posted 2012/03/20 - 3:10 GMT
That, or we can somehow make things harder for vets by giving newbs bonus life. or bonus soemthing. it doesnt matter, at least give them a chance..
41 minutes - 140v
Posted 2012/03/20 - 12:42 GMT
I completely agree.
1 day - 5,977v
Posted 2012/03/21 - 0:09 GMT
i belive when i started off, i almost left untill i met natty... he encouraged me, so i kept trying and trying, and not, not to brag, im pretty good...

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