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Submitted By pocketMAD on 12/01/05
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I added a categorizing system if you members want to post something on our website.

4 days - 13,245v
Posted 2012/01/05 - 20:37 GMT
did anyone else join? I was able to see it but I want to wait until more people join and then i'll probably join.
5 days - 22,986v
Posted 2012/01/06 - 0:54 GMT
4 days - 13,245v
Posted 2012/01/06 - 1:30 GMT
The MEB page on facebook. Did anyone else join?!?
5 days - 26,111v
Posted 2012/01/06 - 4:13 GMT
Annie joined, remember Sparky91499? :D Join! I'm trying to get Mariko in.. Also. MAD, I would like to congratulate you for making this site, I really think it will prosper.
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2012/01/06 - 11:43 GMT
I don't mean to sound rude, but this is a bit of a copy-cat club. Couldn't you have found a more original name than Terrain Combat Club? The name is almost the same as ACC, and I doubt this could ever be compared to ACC, since there isn't EVEN a test to get in.
5 days - 22,986v
Posted 2012/01/06 - 14:44 GMT
I respect your opinion, pancakes.
Here's mine.
There is a test, Pancakes. A pretty hard one, if I must say.
The reason why the name is similar to the ACC is that the last letters of the ACC are really good words. Combat Club. Most club you see today are epic lions or Fast Cheedahs or Little Bombers. Combat Club are good word choices.
@Moon: Makio and "jamie" joined the MEB. I was hoping you knew who they were.
4 days - 13,245v
Posted 2012/01/09 - 0:21 GMT
I wasn't sure because, when I first looked it was Cal, Sven, Evan and someone else. 0_o?

I'll look again.
5 days - 26,111v
Posted 2012/01/09 - 1:59 GMT
Yeah, there's more members now. Please join! If you want..
5 days - 22,986v
Posted 2012/01/09 - 2:08 GMT
Yep. 8. Now 7.
(kicked cav out)
4 days - 13,245v
Posted 2012/01/09 - 2:30 GMT
Why did you kick Cav out?!
5 days - 22,986v
Posted 2012/01/09 - 2:35 GMT
1) Started the N00b Wars
2) Ruins threads a lot!
3) He IS a n00b.
4) Annoying.
4 days - 13,245v
Posted 2012/01/09 - 2:46 GMT
-_- Whatever -_-

I'll join.
5 days - 22,986v
Posted 2012/01/09 - 14:54 GMT
Mk. Right now?
4 days - 13,245v
Posted 2012/01/10 - 0:48 GMT
Yuuup. I already did.

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