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Dawn of Mars - Part Three, Gas in the Ice Base!
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Submitted By OriginalShadowTheHedgehog on 12/01/20
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I walked over quietly and crouched down, then popped the front of my mask off. This room, for whatever reason, was not affected by whatever form of gas was in the halls. “What are you doing here?” I asked quietly, looking at the child. It was a girl, around the age of six by the looks of it. Her bright blue eyes stared back at me. “Do you speak English?” I asked softly.


She looked at me sideways. Okay, that got me nowhere. I thought. Sighing, I wondered if I should try in a few other languages, then she tapped my hand. “I’m lost.” she said, her voice barely a whisper. Her eyes stared at me, as if she was looking for the smallest shred of normality in this strange place. “Who are you?” she said.


“My name is Mariko. I won’t hurt you… Are you okay? There is harmful gas outside this room.”


“Mar… Mariko. That’s pretty,” she said. “Who is that robot?” she asked, pointing at Ectoshock.


I tried not to burst out laughing at the look on his face that I could practically see through his mask. “I’m not a robot,” he stated clearly but kindly. “You can call me Ectoshock.”


“Ect… Ecto…” she started, her brow furrowing up in concentration.


“We need to get out of here, okay? We can’t stay in here forever.” I told the girl, “I’m going to carry you, and I’m going to run fast. Don’t squirm or I could drop you”.


“If she is exposed to the gas she could get very sick.” Ectoshock said, looking around for something to cover her in for the time being.


“We could wrap her in these linens?” I guessed, pulling a bunch of linen sheets from a dresser drawer. “Are you hurt anywhere?”


She shook her head.


“Hurry, the gas can’t stay out of here forever.” He said, looking anxiously at the door. I picked up the girl with ease; she must have weighted less than 75 pounds. I pulled the sheet snugly over her and wrapped it around, then bringing one of the ends up over her nose to cover her mouth from the gas. She squirmed a bit, pulling her face out of the sheets. I sighed, and then held the front of my mask, the back half retracting up. I leaned back as the mask stayed in my hand, then closed it again. I fit it loosely over her head.


“Promise me you won’t pull this off until we reach a safe area.” I said calmly. She nodded, the oversized helmet knocking back and forth. “Let’s go!” I said, sweeping the bundled child up into my arms and ramming open the door with my elbow guard. Ectoshock wasted no time in closing the door behind us once we got out of the room, and we raced down the hall, linen sheets trailing behind my back. “Almost there!” I gasped, trying not to breathe in too much of the gas as we sprinted to the stairwell door. I slammed into it with my side, making sure not to jolt the girl too heavily, and then ran carefully down the stairs to the infirmary. I passed Sven and Cal in the hallway, who both looked at me more than sideways. “Can’t talk, gotta run!” I yelled just before we burst into the ward.


“We found this girl on the third floor. There’s some sort of toxic gas, like mustard gas without the blistering effect. She says that she’s fine, but I think we should scan her, just in case.” Ectoshock explained, as he moved over to my right side. I gently set her down and slid off the sheets that protected her from the gas. My helmet bounced loosely over her head, and I smiled a bit, raising it up off her face and head and then putting it back on my own head. She looked around confusedly, blinking and taking in her surroundings.


“Who are all these people?” She said, turning shy again.


“My full name remains hidden, but you can call me Jenna!” chimed Jen from the corner of the room, gliding in cheery as usual.


Phantom walked in, saw the young girl and smiled. “Greetings. You can call me Phantom.”


“Hiyah” Said the Doctor. “I’m the Doctor! Nice to meet you.” His tone was cheery, but calm, too.


Everyone introduced himself or herself to the girl, who was looking quite overwhelmed by the end of it. Then I remembered something. “Hey, I never got to know your name. What’s your name, then?” I asked.


“Me?” She said slowly. “My name… My name is Rose.”


***Part Two! ***


“Rose? That’s a nice name.” I said, trying to hide a strange feeling brewing in my stomach. “Ectoshock, we need to scan her, to make sure she hasn’t been poisoned.”


“Already working on it.” He said, typing something into the wrist couplet he wore. “Rose?” He said, as he continued to enter data into the device, “Sounds familiar. It’s nice. I probably just heard it somewhere before.”  He noted, mumbling something quietly as the screen flashed red in protest. “We have a slight problem. Rose, how old are you, about?” He asked.


“Seven” She said quietly. Her eyes drifted shut a small bit, hinting at fatigue.


“Do you remember how you got in here?” I asked, hoping to get an idea of what to do with her. She shook her head. I sighed. “Are you sure?” I checked. Again, she shook her head and stared off into space.


“Ok, ready to scan for poison.” Said Ectoshock, holding the couplet out from him a bit, and towards the girl. “Try to hold still. It doesn’t hurt.”


She nodded, and then practically turned into a statue as she waited for Ectoshock to finish the scan. He typed one more thing into the device. As it started to scan, the lights flickered again. “What’s with the power?” I murmured, looking up at the lights flickering.


Evan, who knew most of the base inside and out, shrugged. “It’s been like this since you crashed.”


“Odd.” I sighed.


“Ok, whose side are the guys in the riot gear on?” Said Alex, walking in with a half-worried look on his face. Everyone looked around at each other, then all jumped up nearly simultaneously. Ectoshock took one last quick glance at the device, then closed it off and joined up by the door and window that separated us from the main lobby. Several soldier-like men pooled into the lobby, equipped in full riot armor and guns.


“Ehm, I’ll take a safe guess and say they’re not on our side.” Said Evan quietly, trying not to arise attention to the more than obvious clump of bodies clustered at the door. “Perhaps we should take an alternate exit?”


“What exit?” I said, looking at the door behind us as well. “There are some nasty chemicals behind that door. It’s not safe.”


“Well, it’s one or the other… We get gassed to death, or shot to death.” Evan replied.


“Or… We live!” chimed Jenna once more. “I can protect you all, but with so many of you it won’t last long.” she said, brow furrowing like a frustrated child.


“Well, do it now, they’ve seen us!” the Doctor pointed out as several firearms loaded and pinpointed on our heads. Jenna wasted no time in doing her thing. We didn’t know how it worked but it did, and we managed to run outside without being blown to bits. I summoned my twin blades, wheeling around without notifying the rest of the group. Ectoshock naturally noticed anyways, and stayed back with me. I prayed that no one else would play hero and stay back with us.

*To Be Continued*

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Re: Dawn of Mars - Part Three, Gas in the Ice Base!
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Posted 2012/01/20 - 14:55 GMT
Part four coming later today.
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Re: Dawn of Mars - Part Three, Gas in the Ice Base!
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Posted 2012/01/20 - 21:02 GMT
Sweeeeet! Nice work Mariko!
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Re: Dawn of Mars - Part Three, Gas in the Ice Base!
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Posted 2012/02/19 - 3:09 GMT
Nice! :D
Sorry for the net disaster.  I had to test it.  xD
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Re: Dawn of Mars - Part Three, Gas in the Ice Base!
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Posted 2012/09/01 - 0:40 GMT
Is the Netdisaster an insult?
Because shooting bloodballs at a story isn't very nice...

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