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Wolf Song
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This is what the meaning of my native american names are. I am a Lone Wolf and many other things.
Submitted By ColonelChamberlain on 11/12/23
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2011/12/23 - 23:01 GMT
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I figured I would share this very beautiful song with you. I was told my native american names and there meanings.
I was told I am native american from my dad and that we have a strong connection with nature, and people.
I have a few names. Lone Wolf means that I am one who usually does things on my own. I am the one to fight for what I think is right and would do anything to protect my family and friends from getting hurt.
Spirit Wolf means that, I am able to sense a being, see, feel, and communicate with a being, such as a ghost. This is a spiritual thing.
I am a White Wolf. These white wolfs are superior and a leader to a pack. Sometimes more than one.
My medicine animals are a goose and a wolf which help people heal well.
I am an Owl. I am wise and see everything that happens. I am full of wisdom and am there at anytime.
I am a goos for something else but I cant remember.
I was told that I had to figure out what my inner animal is and I am sure it is a wolf of a very special type.

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