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The Revolution of Mars: To Be Continued??
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I need your guys help!
Submitted By ColonelChamberlain on 12/01/28
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Ok! So, I found the papers from way back in I think november (?) and wanted to see if anyone had an ideas. It can be anything because, before I get back to writing it, I wanted to see if there was absolutly ANYTHING you guys wanted to add on with it.
If you want to be in the story, I suggest you PM me and give me details of what you would like to be. I may go back to working on it, but im not sure yet.
So, if there's anything you guys want me to do with it, i'll see if it will fit right with it and OR if you want, you can make a litte short story of the characters and what you think should happen and how they act.
It has to go right with the story so, i'll unhide the stories for you to look at and you ca review them if you want. Im excited to go back into writing again and hopefully, I will continue with this one.
Im thinking about adding parts where I stop talking from my point of view, and then I swtich to yours and speak what you want in the story. If ideas comment below or PM me if there are any long details.

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Re: The Revolution of Mars: To Be Continued??
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Posted 2012/01/30 - 0:58 GMT
Any suggestions?!

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