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My Sister is Smarter and Better at EVERYTHING!
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Help Me!!!!!!!
Submitted By John32 on 11/11/27
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Please Help me,
My twin sister is better than me at absolutely everything and it is stressing me out. Friday, she hardly studied for a test and she got 100% while I had to settle for a 57%. I studied for 6 hours AND went in for extra help every day for a week before! She studied for less than one hour. She also beats me at the beep test (PE) and at practically everything else you can name! She is smart, athletic, and popular. I am not too smart, not too athletic, and have no friends.
Last year, she got an IQ test: 158. That's almost as smart as Einstein!!! (159). She is in all the enriched classes, and I am taking many remedial subjects.

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Re: My Sister is Smarter and Better at EVERYTHING!
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Posted 2011/11/29 - 10:00 GMT
OK, so basically about the grades things here is what I say: Everyone can get good marks if they try, here is the order of success:
1st: Intelligent people who work hard
2nd: People who do not have natural gift, but work hard
3rd: Intelligent people who don't work
4th: Unintelligent people who don't work
So clearly, even if you're not exceptionally clever, which I doubt, seeing as you did'nt make a single spelling mistake in that post, you can still come 2nd!
Secondly, your grades don't directly depend on how LONG you work, they depend on how hard you work.
For example: If you have a test the next week, then you will probably get a better mark if you revise for 2 hours or so, but revise very hard, giving 100 per cent, than if you revise for 6 hours, not very hard.
Also, revising in advance instead of revising on the night before an exam is THE key: There's only so much information your brain can actually take in at a time without exploding :P
Next, the athletism part: Similar rules apply, if you are motivated, then you will do well, even if you are not gifted with an athletic body, you must be determined to carry on.
Next, being popular: Dude chill out! Try to be a bit outgoing, don't ever let yourself be shy, wether you are talking to girls, or to guys, and just be sociable, put on a big smile, and start a conversation with whatever passes throuh your head! It does'nt matter what as long as you say something!
It's always better to talk to someone on a lame subject, than not to talk at all, because if you don't at all talk, then people will gradually just start to avoid you and stay away from you, seeing you as a loner (which you probably don't want :P)
And if you really are that shy and unsociable, then just force yourself to talk to people, even if you don't want to or you're shy, and after a while, it will become natural for you to be outgoing!
Good luck with improving your life :P
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Re: My Sister is Smarter and Better at EVERYTHING!
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Posted 2011/11/29 - 19:59 GMT
If you truly do not understand a subject in school, you should ask for help from the teacher until you fully understand it.  Do your homework and pay attention to the correct answers when the teacher goes over them.  If you get a question wrong, make sure you know what the right answer is, and why your answer is wrong.
As long as you are in decent shape, athleticism matters very little later in life, so that should be of little concern to you unless its something you care about, in which case you should run/lift weights/sit ups etc. for at least 30 minutes a day 5 times a week.  Make sure to have a good balance of cardio and lifting (unless you want to be a runner, then the lifting is not too important, but the sit ups still are)
If you have no friends, then you have to take the initiative and meet people.  Set goals for yourself such as talking to certain people for an extended period of time.  Get involved in activities where you can meet people with similar interests to your own.
IQ is a decent measure of potential in some cases, but it does little to predict performance in school, the most important thing in school is how hard you work.  An easy way to work harder without it seeming bad is to get interesterd in the subjects in school, and truly want to know more about them.  You will naturally work harder out of interest.  Generally, studying over time is better than cramming the night before as well.

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