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Mars Explorer Story Series Preview
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Submitted By Picard on 11/09/18
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Kestrel blinked. His head felt like a buggy had run into it. He was dimly aware of something pressing into his back, forcing him forward and making it difficult to breath. A sharp pain and dampness in his right side hinted that his injuries might be more severe than a bumped head. 

Outside the jet, voices could be heard.

"Dear God, what happened."

"It's been bent like a boomerang!"

"Is the pilot alive?"

"Don't just stand there, get him out of there!"

"Get the rabbit inside!"

Blue mist clouded his peripheral vision. Unconsciousness pulling him down again? A pair of small arms wrapped around him, and then the mist completely filled his view. Then the pressure was gone, and he was falling, towards the floor. Someone caught him, turned him and lowered him onto something soft. A light was shone in his eyes, and something was passed over him.

"Concussion, cracked ribs, possible collapsed lung. Get him to the med lab." The stretcher he was on rose into the air, pushed urgently by someone in scrubs. Kestrel's head rolled to the side as they left the room. A horrible sight widened his eyes. His jet, it's frame twisted into a wide U shape, lay upside down, one of it's hover legs sparking, the main engine firing at random intervals. "What happened," he whispered. The words sounded slurred, tinged with a liquid quality. He coughed, and winced as new pain surged through his brain. He briefly wondered why the jet wasn't moving, before another man in scrubs pressed a hypo to his neck. Then, darkness.



Hello Fellow Mars Explorers!

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. Suffice to say, the curse of another video game has distracted me for too long from writing. Now that my interest has faded, somewhat, I have returned to this story.

(If you don't know what on Mars this is, the first part of the story is here. Note: Music may be loud.)

Expect sporadic updates over the course of the following months. My hope is to finish part 6 by the 2nd week in October, and have part 7 well on it's way by Christmas.

Sorry I haven't been around much. Work may keep me busy, so I won't be seen on Mars frequently. However, I will check my message frequently, and should I have the time on weekends, I may be practicing my flying, as it were.

So, Syn3hians, Martians, and other parties present, I look forward to the rest of the year, and those after it.

Peace and long life.



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Re: Mars Explorer Story Series Preview
2 weeks - 32,767v
Posted 2011/09/18 - 6:14 GMT
Yay Picard has returned with his Story, nice to hear from you again
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Re: Mars Explorer Story Series Preview
1 week - 31,391v
Posted 2011/09/18 - 8:12 GMT
We freakin missed ya dude! Epic story dude!
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Re: Mars Explorer Story Series Preview
1 week - 31,391v
Posted 2011/09/18 - 8:15 GMT
Btw I didn't hear about the rumors of your death.
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Re: Mars Explorer Story Series Preview
1 week - 24,938v
Posted 2012/02/21 - 18:35 GMT
Uh, bam?

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