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Ways to improve Carbon Combat
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Submitted By oatlol on 11/09/17
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I have many ideas and suggestions on how to improve Carbon Combat and I would like people to read it and listen and disagree and agree.
  1. Make in the shop a section where you can purchase tyres that give extra speed and grip
  2. Make a mode where its only bots so you and others can kill them
  3. In the settings if you can change it to password mode where the player has to enter a password to get in the game(maybe do this when theres more people)
  4. Make a practice mode where you go shoot targets or fly though rings
  5. Make a bar so you know how much temporaly shields you have left or mines you have left
  6. More different types of cars e.g. a van heavy slow but really strong, buggy light fast but low damage
  7. Add a multi team setting yellow, green, red and blue 2 on a team & a free for all where yo get credits
I'll keep updating what I think they should add to carbon combat so that maybe in the future there will be different types of cars.
Help me add more stuff as well.

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Re: Ways to improve Carbon Combat
1 week - 32,767v
Posted 2011/09/17 - 14:47 GMT
1: Nah, I don't think so.
2: Sounds great! I love the idea
3: I like it, although unless there is a way to allow people in without a password, then probably not.
4: Sounds nice.
5: Or a little counter
6: Maybe in the far future, Carbon is busy de-bugging and improving this game, vehicles take really long to do that. (By the way Carbon, what about that tank you made? It would be great for Carbon Combat)
7: That would be way too complex, and an efficient 3 or 4 team game would be WAY too laggy.
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Re: Ways to improve Carbon Combat
6 hours - 656v
Posted 2011/09/17 - 21:26 GMT
Ty. For replying.

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