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It's stuck in my head...
Submitted By edith on 11/09/07
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  • I thought I'd post something today, even though I sort of feel like I'm talking to myself here. ;)
  • I have this song stuck in my head.  It's all Ani's fault.  (Ani, aka Anakin, aka Peppy, sometimes called Matthew)
  • Have a listen...oh, and don't be put off by the name.  It's really funny...
  David Seville - Witch Doctor .mp3  
Found at bee mp3 search engine
  • There!  Is it stuck in your head now? 
  • Kellie and I are going on our Day on the Town tomorrow.  I'm seriously excited=D
  • We're planning a day of antique store shopping, photoshoots, a visit to the MaryJane's Farm store and a picnic in the park.  And we're going to wear vintage style dresses and BIG hats.  We've been planning it all summer and it's going to be great!
  • Alex, my oftentimes wonderful brother, is going to be our chauffeur and photographer.  
  • You might want to check out Kellie's Pinterest board "Day on the Town".  It's fun:)
  • Autumn is definitely on the way - there's a crispness in the air, although it's still in the 70's during the day.
  • I can't wait to pull out my sweaters, scarves, and hats!
  • In a few weeks the lambs will be butchered and then we'll have our freezer full of meat again.  I can't wait to have lamb chops again.  Yum.
  • Speaking of the sheep, one of my ewes (who is most inappropriately named Sweet Pea), has recently developed the bad habit of jumping over the portable electric fence.  Her feet usually catch on it and then she drags it down and breaks it.  Nice.  I'm going to have to do something about her.  A ball and chain, maybe?
  • Words of truth...
  • Oh, and I'm now on Twitter.   It's fun...and rather addictive.  My username is snookiehiggins. :)
  • Well, I've got some stuff to do, cleaning and what-not, so...
  • Happy Trails!
I take that back about autumn being just around the corner - it was 93 degrees today! 
I thought I was going to melt.  Thankfully, I did not.

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