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English Short Story I wrote
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It's a short story based on a novel I'm writing.
Submitted By OriginalShadowTheHedgehog on 11/11/11
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There are parts I got from reading other short stories. If you want to read more, just say so.
Part one:
IRL Characters:
Sven (Jared)
Me (As Brie)
Cal (As Cal)
and Evan.
There are some non-irl characters too, like Runa and Jamie.
Any close resemblances to other stories are completely unintentional, if you find any.
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Shadows of Alenir: The Awakening


Mariko Y.


As I walked down the locker hall after classes, I scanned the door windows for any sign of a short, dirty blond kid (Jared), and a taller one with dark brown hair (Evan). They were two of my best buds, and were currently in detention with who knows what teacher today. As I passed by the biology classroom I saw two people with their heads flat on their desks. “Gotcha.” I whispered to myself as I turned the door, peeking inside.


“Oh, hey Brie.” Said Jared as he raised his head, not even looking at me.


“How could you tell it was me?” I asked.


“Who else would be looking for us?” said Evan with a carefree smile.


“True, true.” I said as I stretched my arms up and walked over to the blackboard. “You had Mr. Bowen for detention? Sucks to be you.” I said, looking at the names on the board.


“It sucked.” Said Jared. “To put it bluntly, I fell asleep.”


I burst out laughing. “Let’s get out of here. The bus is going to leave without us.”


“Right!” Said Evan, sweeping his backpack over his shoulder.


We set out of the classroom and made a quick pit stop at our lockers before we left for the day. I slung my book bag inside the locker and began to sort out what I had for homework. I tossed it in my backpack, and (failed to) quietly kick my top row locker shut with my foot. “You guys ready?” I asked, looking down the hall to make sure no one heard the slam of my locker door.


Jared nodded, and Evan gave a short grunt as he picked his backpack off the ground. We wheeled around and sprinted (as best we could with heavy bags) onto the bus. Of course, it was full as usual. So we stood by the door until our stop, where we just stared at each other and made weird faces. When we got to our stop in front of Jared’s house, we hopped off the bus. We walked in and took a quick look to see if anyone was home and were soon greeted by Jared’s brother, Cal. He waved at us, eyes half closed as if he was just sleeping. “Hey guys.” He said, trying his hardest to put some cheer into his voice.


“Long day?” Asked Evan.


“You could say that.” He said.


“Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum over here got landed in detention.” I stated with a slight teasing smile. “You missed school today. Were you sick?”


“Yeah, I think I’ve got a cold or something. There’s popcorn in the kitchen if you guys are hungry.” He said, grinning.  “Did I miss the mid-term in Bio?”


“No such luck.” I mumbled.


“Meh. I’ll be in the study catching up on Languages. Shame Mrs. Braeburn postponed the test!” He joked as he retreated back into the sometimes-abyssal recesses of the cluttered study room. I shrugged and slid my backpack onto the front table along with Evan and Jared’s. I followed Jared into the kitchen, half out of respect and half out of habit. Evan followed.


After we got out popcorn and sat around the breakfast table, we mulled around on idle chatter and procrastination, our specialty. After what seemed like ten minutes, I glanced at my watch. “I gotta get back home,” I said. “Meet me on MSN later, though”


“ ‘Kay” Said Jared, starting to look about as tired as Cal had earlier.


I nodded in acknowledgement, and did some awkward cross between a walk and jog as I left the room. I grabbed my bag and shouted a quick “See ya!” Then left. I turned onto the sidewalk and walked down about five houses to my own. I looked inside and closed the door behind me, then dumped my bag. “I’m home,” I stated, peering into the living room. “I guess they aren’t home?” I guessed, but then remembered seeing the car in the driveway. I guessed they were in the backyard or garage, and scampered up to my room. I slid into the computer desk and waved around the mouse, waking the monitor. It made a few angry sounds, and then asked me for the password. “Ugh, I need to replace you one day.” I mumbled, typing in ‘Acer501’ to the password slot. It made some more angry sounds, then logged me in. “Finally” I grouched. Clicking on the IM icon, I opened up messenger. While I waited for it to load I went back downstairs and grabbed a celery stick from the fridge to snack on. I peeked out the window, and saw they weren’t in the garden either. I shrugged and went back upstairs. I had one message from ThePilotsOfAmerica, Jared. I clicked the chat frame open.


Blackbelt Brie: Hey Jared


ThePilotsOfAmerica: Wassup


Blackbelt Brie: Nothing, really. I can’t find my parents anywhere even though the car is in the driveway…


ThePilotsOfAmerica: Really? Weird!


Blackbelt Brie: I know, right?


ThePilotsOfAmerica: BRB


Blackbelt Brie: ‘kay.


I leaned back in my chair for a minute as I waited for Jared to come back. I stared up at the ceiling, watching a small fly crawl along the stucco design. I let out a sigh, waiting for the ‘ding’ of a new message. About thirty seconds later, it came, just as there was a knock on my door.


ThePilotsOfAmerica: Hold on, someone’s at the door.


My brow furrowed for a moment.


Blackbelt Brie: Weird, same here. Hold on.


I got up and turned off my monitor, but left the computer running. I stretched my arms up, then slid down the banister to the main floor, and over to the door. “Coming” I shouted. I looked through the window and my heart leapt at what I saw. I stared wide-eyed at the door, then wheeled around and ran back upstairs.


Blackbelt Brie: Are there by any chance several men in full riot gear standing outside your door with guns?


I waited for a response and hoped to death that Jared looked before he just opened the door.


ThePilotsOfAmerica: How did you know?


Blackbelt Brie: Maybe because I’m in a similar situation?


ThePilotsOfAmerica: Evan went home not too long ago, try to contact him and make sure he’s ok. Don’t open the door. Get on voice chat, now.


Blackbelt Brie: Video’s better.


ThePilotsOfAmerica: Gotcha.


I turned on my webcam and mic, and waited for Jared to do the same.


“So, four riot police with guns and all.” Said Jared.


“Yeah, what’s going on?” I asked, beginning to enter a state of panic.


“Do I look like I know?”




Just then, as I said that, there was a yelp from the other end of Jared’s house that I could clearly hear from my side. “Cal!” Yelled Sven, bolting out of his chair. My stomach did a flip, and I heard a crash come through my front hall. Now in full-out panic mode, I forced my computer off and ran to my parents’ room, grabbing the revolver in my father’s closet. I heard voices downstairs. I paused and got low down, closing myself in the closet. I pressed my ear to the carpet and listened.


“I’m telling you, she isn’t in here!” Yelled one of them, who sounded like a younger man in his mid twenties.


“We keep looking.” Replied another, a feminine voice who sounded somewhat young, but experienced.


“Upstairs?” The man replied.


And then I heard a new voice, a slightly older man who sounded like he was probably in his late thirties or early forties. “We need to clear the main floor first”


Then footsteps. I heard them rifle through the fridge, and a few cupboards. What were they after? I wondered. I sighed, and shifted as quietly as possible so a box would stop jabbing into my back.


“Found you…” Came a small, younger voice from behind me. Light streamed in from the closet, I had been found.


“Ehm, before you shoot me in the face, could you please tell me what’s going on?” I asked, squinting in the sudden change of light. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw a girl who was no older than I was, if anything younger. She looked at me with dull eyes.


“If you’re supposed to be our top secret subject, I’d hate to see the others.” She mumbled, pulling a bag of clothes off from on top of me. She pulled a radio control. “This is Runa reporting for C squad, the target has been found.” She sighed, and looked at me. “You’re Brie, right?”


“Oh, y- yes, I am. I take it I’m not being shot, then?” I hoped.


She sighed, giving me a ‘hopeless case’ look. “No. Come downstairs, you’ll see your friends again soon.”


I nodded and got up, shaking. I walked out of the room with Runa behind me, my adrenaline still pumping. As Runa followed me, I realized how short she was. I wonder if she’s shorter than Jared? I thought to myself. When I got downstairs into the kitchen, I instantly put faces to the voices I had heard. The older voice I had heard came from a man with short, black but greying hair. He had quite a square jawline and an experienced face. The girl I had heard was close enough in looks and age to be my older sister, and looked nearly exactly like me, minus my auburn hair. She looked like she was about my age, but later found that she was 28. The first voice I had heard definitely belonged to a thinner man who was the same age as my twin not-so-sister. He looked me over quickly and sighed tiredly. “I’m completely certain that you’re very confused. I’m Lieutenant Joshua Drayke. This is my team. You’ve met Runa already. She’s 14, and she’s a Sergeant.” He said, motioning to Runa who was staring off into nowhere. “I’ll let everyone introduce themselves.” He said, leaning back against the wall.


My near-sister stepped forwards. “My name is Jamie Sanders. Sergeant.”


“I apologize for… barging in,” said the square-jawed man. “I am Sergeant James Gray. This is C squad of the team deployed to look for you all. We’ve been looking for you especially,” he stated in a stern manner, “If your parents did as they were told, you should know nothing about what’s happening. Is this true?” He asked.


“Y-Yes. It is.” I stammered. “What’s going on in the first place, anyways?” I asked.


“You’re part of a project. Not really a project as in a school project, but more a research and development series. Anything strange happen lately?” Said Runa.


“Not that I remember. I mean, the heating is normal here for once… But other than that everything is same old same old.” I said.


Runa sighed again. “We’d better get you to the station.” She said.


“Police?” I said a bit louder than I should have.


“No. Research lab, sort of… No. It’s not. Just… Never mind. You’ll see.” She trailed off.


Joshua shrugged at me. I shrugged back. I walked out with them calmly, but inside I was wondering what on earth was going on. They stopped on the side of the road. “You can go inside and find your friends. The others inside will recognize you.” Stated Jamie.


“Thanks.” I said. I ran down the street and raced into Jared and Cal’s house. I wheeled around the corner of the main foyer and into the kitchen. An armed officer wheeled around, but seeing me, dropped his gun back to his side and turned back around. I nodded on my way by in thanks, and ran upstairs. I heard a muffled “Ow!” come from Jared’s room. Uh oh, I thought. I forced my way into the room that should’ve been locked to see Cal frantically running around the room, and Jared lying on the floor. “What in the hell happened?” I yelled, dropping down to Jared.


“I don’t know! We were up here, hiding from the people downstairs. I don’t know any first aid, is he breathing?” Asked Cal.


“I’m checking. His pulse is normal, but getting higher… He’s breathing.” I breathed in relief. Jared flopped his head to the other side, and groaned a bit.


“Hrmmnhh…?” He mumbled.


“Ehm, What?” I asked, brow scrunching up in concentration. “Jared, you looked dead. What happened?”


“I feel funny.” He muttered.


I stared in disbelief. “I don’t doubt it. You look terrible” I sighed.


“No, like… I feel really, really weird,” he said, sitting up. “Check this.” He said, parting his hair on his forehead. There was a design on it now; it was three triangles enclosed in a circle.


“Weird.” I said.


It started glowing fiery red.


“Really weird!” We all said together. Just then, I felt an icy pain sear through my own head. “Ow. Ow… OW!” I yelled.


Cal wheeled around. “Uh oh.” He said in a quieter tone. Just then, Jamie and Runa burst through the door.


“Brie!” Yelled Jamie as she pushed past Cal and almost shoved him onto the floor. “Brie, try to stay calm. Lie down.”


“Whoa, who are they?” Asked Sven. I would have answered him if I hadn’t of been injected with a sedative by Jamie. The last things I heard were “You’ll all see each other soon at the lab.” And then blacked out completely.




When I woke up, I was staring into a bright lab light. I groaned in confusion and sluggishly turned onto my side. I saw Jared on the bed beside me, sitting up and drinking what looked like soup in a cup. Sighing, I sat up only to have that icy pain pulse through my head again. I yelped in surprise and fell back down. Jared looked over in confusion, then seeing me awake, slid off the bed and raced over to me. Trying to be more careful this time, I got up again and leaned against the headboard. “What’s going on?” I asked, yawning.


“Well, you haven’t been out that long. About… ten minutes since we got here. I don’t know what’s going on yet either, but Jamie is supposed to come later and explain to us.” He said. “You’re going to black out soon again if you’re anything like me. It hurt for a good hour before the mark came through.”


“What?” I asked.


“The pain?” He said. “It’s from a mark that the four of us are all apparently going to get. How’s your hand?” He asked, but on looking at the backs of my hands found no marks.


“Hand?” I asked. “It’s my head that hurts.” I said, groaning.


“You should look into that. I apparently wasn’t supposed to get that either.” He said.


“Hey, socialites.” Said Jamie, much cheerier now than before.


“My head hurts.” I muttered.


“Weird.” Said Jamie. She really could pass as my sister. “Where?” She asked.


I pointed to the front of my forehead, then said “Here, and just a plain old headache to match with it.”


“That’s bad.” She said. “What kind of pain?”


“Feels like a cold ice cube.” I said.


Jamie turned a bit pale. “Come with me, Brie. Jared, stay here.” She said. She led me down a series of hallways like in a hospital. She turned a corner where Runa was sitting in a small room. “Runa, Brie says it’s her head, not her hand. Problem?” she asked.


Runa bolted up. “Your head?” She asked in alarm.


I nodded. She gripped my arm and led me back down the hall, practically dragging me around. “What’s wrong?” I asked.


“You’re reacting differently. Normally, the pain is in your dominant hand. If it’s in your head it means it’s… stronger.” She said. “The mark you have is known to cause a lot of damage when it finally completes. Once it’s done, though, you’re basically good to go. But be careful!” She said, tugging me along with haste. We turned another corner where Joshua was working behind a lab desk. He looked up, expecting some sort of explanation, but got none. Runa pushed me into a room, and said, “You’ll be fine! Trust me.” And closed the door. It was dark. And big. A big, dark room. Sure, I’ll be perfectly fine… I thought. Another surge of pain seared through my head. I fell over. Well, at least no one’s looking. I thought. I decided that it would be safer for me to stay on the floor, and waited for the next stabbing pain to course through my head. Then, the room began to light up slowly. A fluorescent blue, icy like the pain. I got up and looked around, getting my surroundings. It looked like the room was encased in some sort of metal. There was a small window, where Runa, Jamie and Joshua were looking intently at me, in awe. I looked back at them in confusion, and then looked up at the lights. There were none.


That’s when it hit me; it was me that was emitting that light. I panicked and looked at my hands, glowing raspberry drink blue and emitting strange white particles, floating upwards. “Whoa…” I whispered. I looked up at the window, giving everyone a “What’s going on” sort of look.


Jamie shook her head and opened the side of the window. “You’re not finished quite yet. You probably have about ten minutes before you pass out, and the change completes. I should explain something then, I guess.” She shouted to me. “A long time ago, there was only a small handful of your sort. Only four. They never knew their names, and were referred to by the Greek letters Alpha, Delta, Epsilon and Omega. You see, you’re sort of… Superhuman. The four of them went off into the world unaware of their abilities, and caused trouble without knowing it. Then, they all disappeared. No one knows where they are. They could still be alive, for all we know. They were young when they disappeared, anyways.” She explained. “You guys have their DNA in you. We’re trying to find them, and you can all help.”


“So what kind of power, anyways?” I asked.


“That’s the thing. Alpha controlled Fire, and electricity. Delta could wield water like a weapon, and create gusts of wind. Epsilon could stop time, and bend space itself. And Omega… Strange things happened. Darkness, and Ice.” She answered. “She could manipulate shadows. We think she went insane, sadly. Exactly why she did, we don’t know. We believe it was caused by her powers.”


A chill ran down my spine. I didn’t want to have Omega’s DNA in me. I hoped that I was one of the others, hopefully Epsilon, but I doubted it. The icy pain made me wonder, it made me wonder if I had Omega’s DNA. The strongest pain so far surged through my head, and I groaned, falling to the floor.


This is it. I thought. I could die right now. I stayed where I fell, staring off into nowhere, waiting for the black. Then, nothing. Darkness.




Runa’s Say



I could barely hear Jamie shouting out to Brie from the window. I stared at their lips moving, and then I felt a small surge pulse through my hand. Great, She’s definitely not normal. I can almost feel her change myself. I thought to myself. Then, she fell over. I lurched almost into the window, watching her closely. Her hands were glowing a bright blue, and bits of what looked like ice floated off her hands. “She’s definitely one of Omega’s. I can tell by the ice.” I stated.


Jamie sighed. “Let’s hope she didn’t have her ancestor’s mentality.”


“Oh…!” I gasped. Streams of icy blue light, mixed with black, coursed out of her hands, head and feet. The body parts weren’t even visible; all we could see was black and blue light streaming from them. “What’s going on?” I yelled, looking at Jamie who was in as much panic as I was. The warning siren started to howl through the halls. The room where Brie was in was now brightly lit, and the station had been thrown into chaos.


Joshua ran in panicked as well, screaming “What did you DO?”


I motioned to the window, and when he saw Brie, he backed to the far wall. “Oh.” He said. The other three, Evan, Jared and Cal, I think… Those were their names, I believe. They ran in here too. I guessed that James had told them all to gather here, of all places.


The one named Evan ran over to the window as well. “What’s happening to Brie?” he asked with a worried tone.


“If we knew we would do something about it.” I mumbled. Brie was practically upright now, and a symbol (Ω) appeared over her forehead. “That’s…” I started, but I was shut up by Jamie.


The lights instantly cut off, plunging her room into darkness again.




Brie’s Turn


I woke up on the floor where I fell. It was dark again, and I felt… weird. Like Jared said. I couldn’t really describe it. It was just… Weird. I squinted in the darkness, trying to see a sign of anything. Then I started hearing whispers. Like a million voices, but whispering. I felt like the whispers were dancing around me, almost taunting me. The room lit up again, but not by me. The shadows instantly dissolved with the whispers. I turned to face the light source, now the door was open. Jamie was standing on the other side, beckoning me out quickly. “Come on!” She yelled at me worriedly. “We need to get you checked.”


“I don’t doubt it?” I mumbled, quite disoriented. I stretched back, trying to be normal, and walked out with her. I tried to remain calm, but that was easier said than done.


“Come on. We’ll scan you quickly, make sure you’re not going to explode or something.” She said. She grabbed my hand, then yelped in surprise and leapt back from me. “What... How did you do that?” She said, rubbing her hand.


“Do what?” I asked.


“I… I saw some pretty weird stuff, Brie. I touched your hand and saw really, really weird stuff.” She said shakily. “Was that what you’re seeing?”


“No…” I began. “Wait, what did you see, exactly? Was it like shadows? Whispering voices?” I asked.


“Yeah! That was… weird. No offense, but I’m not touching you for a while.” She whispered.


“I get it. It creeped me out too, to put it bluntly.” I said, walking into the lab to get a scan, whatever or however they would scan me I didn’t know. “What do I do?” I asked.


“Beam me up, Scotty.” Joked Jamie, pointing to a tube-like container that was big enough to take a shower in, it had a blue light streaming from top to bottom, being why Jamie made a Trekkie reference. “Just stand in there.”


I shuffled into the tube, and she closed the glass door, trapping me inside. I stood in the middle of the beam. I saw lines of code start to stream down on the monitor. “What’s that?” I asked.


“It’s scanning you. Your DNA, your brain waves, it’s monitoring every part of you.”


“And you’re testing to find the deets on my power?” I asked




Joshua burst into the room, and upon seeing me in the scan tube nodded. He turned around and looked at the monitor. “Got anything so far?” He asked.


“Yeah, what’s it saying?” I asked.


“This is… amazing. We need to get the other three scanned ASAP once their change is complete.” Stated Jamie.


“Jared already went through his” I mused.


“Get him in here, Josh” Said Jamie in a lower tone.


“On it.” He said as he sprinted out of the room.


I pressed my hand to the glass as I drifted into thought, but snapped out of it as the glass started to turn icy, cracks starting to spread across it. In shock, I pulled my hand back before I broke anything. The ice melted almost instantly. I checked to make sure Jamie didn’t see what I did, and went back to standing straight. “This is… Impossible!” awed Jamie. “I need to get this to the team…” She said, pulling a sheet of the data off the printer and sprinting down the hall. She wheeled back, let me out, and ran back out of the room. I slowly stepped out of the room and followed Jamie in confusion. I wish that I could follow her without her knowing, I don’t think I should be following her… I thought. Just as I thought that, I saw the shadow beings again. And I heard their whispers. I tried to ignore their dancing and jeering. I ran as silent as possible, catching up to Jamie. I waved a hand in her face, but realized that she couldn’t see me. Perfect. I thought. I got about a meter behind her and ‘uncloaked’ from the shadows. I acted as if I’d been behind her the whole time, and ran into the observation room from behind her. “These results… From the scan…” She panted, “Are impossible…”


“How so?” Asked James.


“Look at this DNA result” She said, pointing to a strand in the paper. “It’s no fluke!” She yelled.


“If she’s… then… Are the others going to be the same?” Asked James.


“Wait, what is it? What’s so interesting about my DNA?” I yelled.


“Brie…” Said Runa, turning around and facing me with a look of deep concern, awe and fear all in one. “You aren’t one of Omega’s. You are Omega.”


To be continued


Backstory: Omega, Epsilon, Delta and Alpha are four beings that aren’t human. They look human but possess amazing powers in different aspects. They quickly grew tired of being feared by humans, and hid themselves. They went into a sort of stasis, not aging, growing or changing in any way until the world had almost completely forgotten about them. When they came back, they could not resume life for long in their normal bodies, and so they secretly changed the DNA of others. They gave them part of their DNA strand, allowing them to use the basic power they possessed. They only did this to the humans they had observed, ones who were strong enough to handle it. Their own bodies could not take the strain of all this, and so their souls, spirits, whatever you would want to call them, found and inhabited the bodies of Brie, Jared, Evan and Cal when they were young children. The spirits became dormant, allowing their normal soul to live and function. The spirits slowly awakened when the children were 15, though. That’s where this story takes place. There are more adventures to be held by the four of them in the future, but those stories are for another time.


Omega: Darkness, Ice


Epsilon: Time, Space


Alpha: Fire, Electricity


Delta: Air, Water

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Re: English Short Story I wrote
20 hours - 2,223v
Posted 2011/11/11 - 18:28 GMT
Any mistakes or errors you find, feel free to post :)
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Re: English Short Story I wrote
5 days - 26,111v
Posted 2011/11/11 - 18:45 GMT
Wow, Mariko! :) Nice story! I like the part where the guys come in with the weapons like in mine. I Love this story. You should keep it up!
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Re: English Short Story I wrote
3 days - 12,455v
Posted 2011/11/11 - 18:50 GMT
Nice Mariko!  Amazing-- best story I've read on mars/plexpedia.  I'd pay for it if it were published...
(No description of me? Aww... :(   I have long dark brown hair, tan skin, green eyes, and I'm about a half-an-inch taller than Jared/Sven...)
That's my rl description and my story description :P
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Re: English Short Story I wrote
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Posted 2011/11/11 - 18:51 GMT
He's 4/10 and 3/4 :P
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Re: English Short Story I wrote
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Posted 2011/11/11 - 18:53 GMT
Midgets FTW!
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Re: English Short Story I wrote
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Lawl, I'm 5/9 and a half o_o
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Re: English Short Story I wrote
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Hahaha. Nice :P
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Re: English Short Story I wrote
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That makes me over a foot taller than you Sven O.O
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Re: English Short Story I wrote
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Yeah. I'm 13. :P I'm 2nd shortest in my class.
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Re: English Short Story I wrote
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Posted 2011/11/11 - 19:24 GMT
In the next part, all in time :P

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