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Some Idea's
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Submitted By kenste on 11/08/27
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First i would like to state i posted this here because i could not find a suggestion thread, anway.
Here are some idea's to help make the game better, make auto worlds such as worlds all hosted by a VPS or you create them so people have no problem connecting, 2. you should be able to sell items for 90% of there credit value incase you wish to no longer keep that weapon. also there should be more weapons and enhance ments to you're car such as speed upgrades (make it expensive and with a max of 10% speed) and rate of fire upgrades (With a max of 5% extra rate of fire)

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Re: Some Idea's
14 hours - 1,369v
Posted 2011/08/27 - 4:58 GMT
i like the sell idea!
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Re: Some Idea's
2 days - 6,902v
Posted 2011/08/27 - 8:07 GMT
Hosting dedicated servers is not an option as it costs a considerable amount of money per month (something that I cannot afford at the moment with a free-to-play game). I'll work on a selling system, no guarantees that it will be available in the next release however. The cars are all meant to be somewhat standard, so upgrades to individual parts of the car isn't supported at the moment.
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Re: Some Idea's
2 hours - 454v
Posted 2011/08/28 - 0:27 GMT
well atleast 1 of my idea's were good

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