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How to make a naked mech
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Submitted By neon on 11/08/24
Evony Age I Guide, neon, NPC 
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5mil Scouts
+25mil upkeep
15k Catapult
+3.75mil upkeep
20k Battering Ram
+2mil upkeep
20k Ballista
+1mil upkeep
100k Cavalry
+1.8mil upkeep
900k Archer
+8.1mil upkeep
10k Pikeman
+60k upkeep
10k Swordsman
+70k upkeep
20k Transporter
+200k upkeep
1 mil Warrior
+3mil upkeep
100k Worker
+200k upkeep

Total Food Upkeep = 45mil per hour
There is no chance at defeating this defense until the 5 million scouts are gone.
there will be small losses so fix them up fast and your all good.

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