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Submitted By AJN_HawaiianDude_Cal on 11/07/10
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TPOA (The Pilots of America), is a group created to represent your love for flight.  It also shows off your love for the jet in Mars XPLR.  It is also created for fun, chat, and picture taking contests-- whatever you want!

5 days - 26,111v
Posted 2011/07/10 - 17:33 GMT
Not just that. You can just chat and have pic contests and talk about games and Marsxplr.
5 days - 26,111v
Posted 2011/08/14 - 21:05 GMT
It is now The Pilots of Awesomeness.
20 hours - 2,223v
Posted 2011/11/22 - 15:25 GMT
WOAH. Sven, you're in ACC now?
5 days - 26,111v
Posted 2011/11/22 - 18:26 GMT
Krunch let me in :D
20 hours - 2,223v
Posted 2012/04/19 - 22:30 GMT
That awkward moment when you're about to make a perfect landing... And you realize your landing gear isn't out.
5 days - 26,111v
Posted 2012/04/20 - 3:59 GMT
Hah! I've had that happen! (past experience teaches me to listen to the sound of the gear going down and an alarm) It's NOT fun.
1 day - 2,904v
Posted 2012/06/10 - 1:46 GMT
sven can i be in the TPOA? thanks
2 days - 11,577v
Posted 2012/06/10 - 2:11 GMT
Sure buddy! I wouldn't turn you down :D 

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