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The Colorshock Chronicles: Episode 1 [Part 3] - A Place to Call Home
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A beginning episode to the new comic series, based on The Colorshocks
Submitted By EmperorEctoshock on 11/09/01
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"I looked up at the ceiling, thinking of how I should begin this very important conversation, and what sort of tone it should be started. Honestly, I didn't know why I was thinking of the 'How' in all this, because I didn't think I -- we were going to make it this far..."
Ectoshock (Me): "...Aubrey, you and I are both aware of the crisis that occured on Earth, right?"
Administrator: "...We live on an abandoned planet that, throughout time, has grown to be wonders to our fascination, but also lacks the normal amount of resources needed for humans to live a full life, but still manage to maintain our structure. So, yes, I am aware of it."
(Aubrey leans closer on his chair, approching the table and clutching his hands together)
Ectoshock (Me): "Well, I hope that you are also aware that we all must strike back for humanity's sake, and being that that time is nearly upon us, I was thinking... why not now?"
Administrator: *Aubrey's expression changes to a more serious one* "What are you trying to say, Ectoshock...?"
Ectoshock (Me): *Folds hands behind back in a sophisticated manner* "Sir, I'm asking permission for a draft."
Administrator: "...You seem like a very sophisticated and smart person. And more importantly, you have alot of courage... but I cannot allow this."
"Any other day, I would understand why the Adminstrator would decline, but my desperality got the better of me, unexpectedly."
Ectoshock (Me): "Aubrey, no, you don't understand, I--"
Administrator: "--No, I understand completely. However, I will not jepordize the lives of the people and martians of this society like this. The odds are stacked against us, and furthermore... I believe I speak for everyone else when I say it's suicide."
Ectoshock (Me): "And I believe I speak for everyone else when I say if we don't deal with this now, the chances of Lord Fuse invading this planet as well increases exponentially."
(Aubrey sits back firmly, looking at me eye-to-eye with concern)
Administrator: "Even if I would allow this, there's already too much hassle and stress on my hands. May I remind you that there are other evil foreign species that, unfortunately, run and spawn around the very peace and comfort of martians and humans all around on Mars. And, they continue to mutiply in the numbers, devastating this utopian society."
Ectoshock (Me): *expression changes* "What evil foreign species?"
Adminstrator: "Well, based on the description I just told you... we call these 'foreign' species 'noobs'."
(Paul and Star begins to laugh)
Plasmashock (Paul): "'Noobs'... that IS funny."
Thundershock (Star): "Haha, yeah!"
Adminstrator: "As amusing the name of these foreigners are, it's a very serious matter. This society is almost at it's downfall because of it, and being that we are trying to upgrade this utopia to the next level, the noobs are only slowing down the process. And, because of all the delayed action, this is why I cannot allow the draft, because I am unsure of who you might draft into your group to combat Fuse. You can never know who will do what. What WE need, and what's best for all of us, is a Peacekeeper, not a general."
Ectoshock (Me): "...If I, and the rest of the Colorshocks, can become the Peacekeepers you so desperately need for this society to become a better one, could you, in return, allow me to do a draft, only allowing non-noobs to join, and save the rest of the universe?"
Adminstrator: "Yes..."
(I, and everyone else cheer and become elated in emotion and expression)
Adminstrator: "...But on one condition."
(Everyone stops cheering and looks at Aubrey)
Flareshock (Olivia): "And, uh, what'll that be?"
Administator: "If your leader here, Ectoshock, fails to protect the lives of the possible martians going to war against Fuse... it will be on his concious."
Ectoshock (Me): "...I cannot promise a safe return for anyone who will join me for battle, but rest assured... *places hand on desk* if some of their lives are taken, it will be for the sake of defending the human and martian race."
Administrator: "Hmm..."
Ectoshock (Me): "We WILL win. That, I can guarantee you."
Adminstrator: "...Ok. I will trust you on this. We are at a crisis, and I guess there's no one else to trust to do this difficult task, but you and your group."
Ectoshock (Me): "We will not let you down."
Adminstrator: "I hope not. *Aubrey stands up* In the meantime, enjoy your time here on planet Mars. Explore, discover, and go have a recreational time."
(Aubrey walks and shakes my hand in determination)
Ectoshock (Me): "Thank you."
(Everyone smiles)
Bronzeshock (Brody): "So...where we can we stay, for the remainder of the time?"
Venomshock (Veronica): "Yeah."
Administrator: "Why here, ofcourse."
Lasershock (Loretta): "Here?"
Administrator: "Yes. Besides this place being a Headquarters, it's also a hotel. And with the wonderful luxury and relaxation this hotel has, you all practically have your own Colorshock suite here."
Gildedshock (Aztec): "Awesomeness!"
Ectoshock (Me): "Yes, I agree. So, Aubrey, we will now take our leave, and go... explore!"
Administrator: *Nods* "By all means."
(The Colorshocks walk out of the office, and out of the building, suddenly seeing a group of martians, humans, and a few moderators, surround us with praise and acknowledgement)
Silvershock (Silvana): "Looks like a new and bright beginning for all of us, huh?"
Shineshock (Yin): "Uh huh."
Shadowshock (Yang): "Mmhm."
Ectoshock (Me): *looks back with elation* Guys... it looks like we finally have an area to live. A place... to call home."
*  *  *

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Re: The Colorshock Chronicles: Episode 1 [Part 3] - A Place to Call Home
5 days - 26,111v
Posted 2011/09/01 - 17:04 GMT
Oooh! I love the story! When are the other parts coming out?
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Re: The Colorshock Chronicles: Episode 1 [Part 3] - A Place to Call Home
1 day - 4,868v
Posted 2012/07/24 - 20:32 GMT
You should write way more of these Ecto!  (And put me in at some point) :D
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Re: The Colorshock Chronicles: Episode 1 [Part 3] - A Place to Call Home
23 hours - 2,956v
Posted 2012/07/25 - 1:12 GMT
Me too! I've been a very loyal friend.. I saved you from Daishi even....

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