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Unseen types
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Submitted By Sven_TPOA_SWA_737 on 11/07/10
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Hey, its me, Sven. If you are in this group, here are some types that you can be. Pyrokinesis (me). Hydrokinesis, Electrokinesis, Lunarkinesis, Cyrokinesis, (popular) Necrokinesis, Aerokinesis, Metakinesis, Geokineisis, Atmokinesis, and alot more.  Choose which one best represents you and ask Mariko whos the leader for each specialty. Like I'm Pyrokinesis, Cal's Hydrokineis, Mariko's Cyrokineis.

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Array Re: Unseen types
2011/07/10 - 17:07 GMT
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yay im earth person! lol
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2011/07/10 - 17:08 GMT << In Reply to
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Array Re: Unseen types
2011/07/10 - 17:08 GMT
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up ur butt down three blocks and around the corner!! lol!!
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2011/07/10 - 17:09 GMT << In Reply to
LOL! i told you
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Array Re: Unseen types
ik!!! lol
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Array Re: Unseen types
2011/07/10 - 21:27 GMT
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Yup, I'm Hydrokinesis :)
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Array Re: Unseen types
2011/07/11 - 2:22 GMT
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Aerokinesis:Ability to control winds.

Dracokinesis:Ability to control gas.

Atmokinesis:Ability to control weather.

Audio-/Echokinesis:Ability to control sound.

Biokinesis:Ability to control deoxyribonucleic acid.

Cryokinesis:Ability to less temperature.

Cyrokinesis:Ability to control ice.

Electrokinesis:Ability to control and create electricity.

Pyrokinesis:Ability to control fire.

Psychokinesis:Ability to move objects.

Telekinesis:Ability to use psychokinesis from far away.

Fero-/Magno-/Magnetokinesis:Ability to move metal/magnetic objects.

Vitakinesis:Ability to mend.

Chronokinesis:Ability to control time.

Hydro-/Akvakinesis:Ability to control water.

Geo-/Terrakinesis:Ability to control earth.

Photokinesis:Ability to blending light.

Gyro-/Gravita-/Barokinesis:Ability to control gravitation.

Thermokinesis:Ability to raise temperature.

Eonkinesis:Ability to control age.

Karyo-/Kromokinesis:Ability to control cells.

Techno-/Mechanokinesis:Ability to control machines.

Dar-/Darkness-/Umbra-/Lunarkinesis:Ability to banish light.

Virtuakinesis:Ability to create illusions.

Astrakinesis:Ability to use astral projection.

Botano-/Xylo-/Chloro-/Agrokinesis:Ability to control plants.

Nitrokinesis:Ability to create explosion.

Necrokinesis:Ability to less health.

Quantokinesis:Ability to control affect matter on a molecular level.

Meta-/Metallokinesis:Ability to blending metal.

Haemokinesis:Ability to control blood.

Demokinesis:Ability to manipulate other people.

Entomokinesis:Ability to control bugs.

All I know of so far.

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Array Re: Unseen types
2011/07/12 - 0:53 GMT
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Cal, what about Lunarkinesis?
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Array Re: Unseen types
2012/07/27 - 22:35 GMT
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I wanna be lampkineses-ability to turn on and off a lamp

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