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Friends, Romans, Countrymen...
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My First Sale!
Submitted By edith on 11/07/22
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Friends, Romans, countrymen, and otherwise, lend me your ears...
Today was a BIG day.
I made my first, official Etsy sale!!!
I'm sooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D
I sold this lovely heart hatpin/stickpin...
Happy Trails, y'all!
Very excitedly yours,
~Natasha Marie~

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Re: Friends, Romans, Countrymen...
2011/07/25 - 5:07 GMT
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TWO sales now!!!  Did you faint?  Or happy dance?  I just decided that joining a popular Etsy team might be a good idea;)
Love ya,
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Re: Friends, Romans, Countrymen...
2011/07/25 - 6:07 GMT << In Reply to
Let's see, what did I do?  I think I did a double-take, yelled, and then fell off my chair..or something like that;)
I didn't know joining an Etsy team would have such splendid results!
Love ya back,

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