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A Long-anticipated Dream. . .
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Moving out - & moving in!
Submitted By margery on 11/06/16
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Lord willing, I shall soon have an. . .
Yesterday, I purchased my own wall tent.  
First inspired by MaryJane Butter's bed and breakfast down in Moscow, Idaho - now I'm going to try my hand at creating a wall tent haven of my own!
I've never had my own room.  First it was my brother when we were wee little things, then one sweet sister, then two, then three - then we moved into a little travel trailer on our property and began a great adventure in tight quarters.  No more bedrooms - it was two foot wide bunks=)  Another sister joined us soon after that, and along with my brother and parents, all eight of us learned to work together and trust God for grace as we stepped on each other's toes and figured out how to live creative and productive lives at the same time.  
That was over seven years ago.  God has been so good - I can't begin to relate how much He has taught me in this school.  
{June 2005}
Awhile back a friend asked me if I didn't feel cheated, somehow - my entire teenage years spent this way, waiting, struggling, crowding.  I thought a moment, and then was able to say with perfect certainty; "No.  A year ago I did - I felt both cheated and frustrated.  But looking back, I can confidently say I am thankful for every day, every year - because I see now that I was living all along in God's will for my life.  I wouldn't have it any other way."
My God has a plan for my life.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

I wouldn't have poured all of this out to you - in fact, I didn't want to. . . but I felt the Lord prompting me to share this testimony of His goodness.  Any good that has come out of my life is by His grace alone - my side is, truly, filthy rags.
I pray you are encouraged by reading this!
". . .But those that wait upon the LORD, they shall inherit the earth."
- Psalms 37:9
And now, at last, I see my dream coming to a realization.
I have longed to have a place of my own to work, create, decorate, and relax in.  A place to expand, to grow, to learn, and to have a little privacy! =)  My current bed room is the sofa, located in the living room/entry/dining room/school room/everything room. . . if I sleep in, I can expect to awaken to find a diverse assortment of little girls sitting on me, eating their breakfasts.  ;D
And now.
 Now, I am preparing to enter a brand new, unwritten chapter of my life.
Praising God, trusting Him, and living out each moment for His glory.
With a little house of my own.
TO GOD be the GLORY!!
P.S.  Big, exciting changes in my blog are forthcoming, as well!  Stay in touch to see what I have in store for my blog, my shop, and my readers - YOU! =D

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Array Re: A Long-anticipated Dream. . .
2011/06/20 - 0:43 GMT
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Oh, Kellie!  You got it!  I'm so very excited and happy for you!  I can hardly wait to see (and visit!) your outdoor studio=D
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Array Re: A Long-anticipated Dream. . .
2011/06/22 - 14:34 GMT << In Reply to
Yep!  And it should be fully erected by this evening, Lord willing! =D
See you soon!
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Array Re: A Long-anticipated Dream. . .
2011/06/21 - 22:46 GMT
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I must say, the thought of eight people in one travel trailer is quite sobering to one who at times feels a 9x10-foot bedroom rather claustrophobic. Thanks for sharing that; it gives me a new perspective on my "tiny" room!
Congratulations on getting your own space! What fun you'll have arrange it just how you want it, and how nice it will be to have a quiet place to go that's all your own. We're getting ready to switch Bro's and my rooms and redecorate them, so I can imagine how excited you must be.
God bless, and happy moving!
~"Wild Rose"~
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Array Re: A Long-anticipated Dream. . .
2011/06/22 - 14:37 GMT << In Reply to
Thanks!  Yes, I am so excited - It's been such a wonderful experience for me to see this dream coming true.
You'll have to come visit me sometime and see for yourself!  I'd love that=)
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Array Re: A Long-anticipated Dream. . .
2011/06/28 - 4:26 GMT
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So would I, if you really wanted me to come. :-D
God bless,
~"Wild Rose"~
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Array Re: A Long-anticipated Dream. . .
2011/06/29 - 16:07 GMT << In Reply to
Of course, honest;)
Some time in the near future I would love to have you for a visit!
If you like, shoot me an email when you have a day free!
accordiontokellie {at} theati {dot} net 
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Array Re: A Long-anticipated Dream. . .
2011/06/29 - 3:03 GMT
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How lovely! I am ever so happy and excited for you, as well as looking forward to see how you decide to decorate. ;) I'm sure it shall be absolutely LOVELY!!! 
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Array Re: A Long-anticipated Dream. . .
2011/06/29 - 16:08 GMT << In Reply to
I will have pictures to share shortly. . . It's been such fun!
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Array Re: A Long-anticipated Dream. . .
2011/07/08 - 6:21 GMT
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Congrats. I bet you are excited and have every right to be. So happy for you.

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