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Submitted By airboy1999 on 11/05/13
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Hi! I have recently noticed at least 2 people say that a flat world would be nice for playing ''tag''. With a lot of help from my brother,( more like he did it all, but still insists that it's my world) I have created a flat world with just 1 big ramp. Please tell me what u think(URL below)


 Thanks, airboy1999

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Array Re: BattleGrounds
2011/05/13 - 19:25 GMT
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I'm sorry it doesn't work on my Imac.
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Array Re: BattleGrounds
2011/05/13 - 20:01 GMT << In Reply to
We know it doesn't. You've told us.
Look...good luck with your computer and all, but...if you went around to every world post saying "Sory it dosent work on my Imac"...
It sounds like you're blaming the world creator.
And stop it with the signatures.
Nice world, but I think the ramp is kind of steep. Nice job though I guess...
I do like flat worlds but this one is a bit too much so. I usually use little bumps as launchpoints, or ramps, if they're not too steep.
Kinda boring though.
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Array Re: BattleGrounds
2011/05/13 - 20:05 GMT << In Reply to
Signatures are fine I think.
Cool world, but maybe add some more details.
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Array Re: BattleGrounds
if u want a more detailed world go some were else. Please dont think im being rude here, but this world is supossed be very simple.
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Array Re: BattleGrounds
I know what u mean by its kinda boring, but with more people I suspect it will be a little more enjoyable. I will consider making the ramp a little less steep. And about the bumps? well this is supossed 2 be this flat because its a flat world.
Thx, airboy
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Array Re: BattleGrounds
2011/05/13 - 22:40 GMT << In Reply to
I know, I was expressing my enthusiasm for ramps.
It's a block world.
I meant in terrain worlds.
Again, I was expressing my enthusiasm for ramps. And bumps are a kind of ramp.
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Array Re: BattleGrounds
That was fast! And thx 4 clearing that up! ;-)
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Array Re: BattleGrounds
2011/08/09 - 23:12 GMT
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It's funny. There is not one world that is just plain flat. I mean plain flat. Nothing but air and flat ground. It's just another mysterious mystery.

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