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Prayer Request
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Safe Journey
Submitted By edith on 11/05/06
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Well, my family pulled out a few minutes ago (they actually left on time - imagine that!), and I now have this house all to myself.   Muhahahaha!;) 
I'm going to miss them though.  A lot.  This big house already feels lonely without them.
But, I have my dog, so I'm good:) 
If you would please keep my family in your prayers while they're gone.  Pray for their safe journey and traveling mercies, and that my mom would sleep well at night and not be too uncomfortable in the motor home.  
Oh, and that I wouldn't do anything stupid while they're gone, that there would be no problems with the animals, and that the car I drive won't have any issues, especially while I'm driving it.   I don't generally do stupid things, so that's probably not an issue, but the car...well, that's another story:)
Thanks, folks!

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Re: Prayer Request
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Posted 2011/05/06 - 19:22 GMT
Praise the Lord that your mom is walking agian!!!! I should of put that in the last post, oh well. Anyway we will keep her in our prayers. If you need company and/or help with anything give a call. I would be glad to come over for a day, or a night, or both :).
Love, Michelle
Re: Prayer Request
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Posted 2011/05/08 - 22:28 GMT
Aw, you're so sweet, Michelle:)  I'm doing fine for now, and thoroughly enjoying having some time to relax, read, and watch movies;)
I let you know if I get lonely, though=)

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