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of movies, naps, good times, and family
Submitted By edith on 11/05/18
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  • I finished a new blouse today...well, I still need to hem it, but I just serged the bottom for now because I couldn't wait to wear it. ;)  I'll share pictures at some point...
  • My family got home last Thursday from their trip to CA.
{Alex on the beach}

  • In case you're wondering, I didn't burn the house down, no scary people (or any people, for that matter) knocked at my door, there was no trouble with the animals, the car behaved beautifully, and I'm still quite alive and well!
  • I went to the library four times, checked the PO Box once, stopped at our Little Town Market twice (for junk food snacks *snicker*), and got the mail from mailbox everyday ('cepting Sunday, of course;) without incident.
  • I watched an indecent amount of movies, read a lot of books, napped, rearranged and cleaned the livingroom, smelled the new flowers and danced in the orchard for joy.
  • Among the movies I watched were The Talk of the Town and Only Angels Have Wings (both with Cary Grant & Jean Arthur), The Way We Live Now (it was interesting, but I don't recommend it), One Night With the King, The Story of Ruth (not very Biblically accurate, but I still enjoyed it), Facing the Giants, It Happened One Night and others that I can't think of at the moment...
{Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert in It Happened One Night}

  • Aunt Liz called me at 11 o'clock one night (we're both night owls:) and we talked for an hour about Pride & Prejudice (1995, our favorite adaptation), and other stuff.
  • Such fun:)
  • My dear friend Kellie spent the night on Wednesday night.
  • We decided that we should definitely do something "wicked" (wicked=crazy)...but we couldn't think of anything better than eating unhealthy food and, you guessed it, watching movies.
  • Ahem, yes...
  • We watched The Happiest Millionaire, Easter Parade (Fred Astaire & Judy Garland), and Secretariat (awesome movie).
  • And yes, we had a lot of fun talking, laughing until we cried, and just being together...with no "hoodlums" to disturb us. ;)
  • All in all, it was a fun, relaxing time, but I'm so glad to have my family home again!
  • We got the sheep sheared last Friday.
  • Alex and I both love sheep shearing time, because we get to visit with our friendly neighborhood sheep shearer, Hank Little! (also the Dobro player extraordinaire for the Little family band, The Panhandle Polecats)
  • Hank and Alex decided that it would be fun to leave a strip of fleece along the sheep's back, like a mohawk. 
  • It looked...interesting...I guess...but I made him shear it off. 
  • And I am sorry, but I didn't get a picture because I couldn't find the camera.  Quite sad.
  • Oh, and for anyone who is wondering what happened to my promised Voyage of the Dawn Treader review, it is coming soon.

  • Well, I think this post is long enough, so I'll sign off for now...
  • Happy Trails, folks!

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