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User Name: Achilles
Full Name: Achilles
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Bio: To the idiot who spammed my inbox with 3000 messages,

Come at me, bro.


To whom this may concern,

Ah. Mars. The place that was once alive and thriving with creativity and fun. It is now filled with mindless posts, comments, and most of all mindless (and) idiotic people. Not everyone is like this of course; there are a few exceptions to this rule which has become predominant over the past months. Granted, the game itself remains surreal and elegant in its simplicity, but what of it when the core – its players – are rotten? There is a reason that mostly no one of any true respectable status plays anymore; they are fed up with the game and the players, or shall I say, the lack of players who display even a little sense of maturity. We are all fed up, and I do believe that there is nothing that anyone can do to rectify this situation. Mars has given me a lot, but I feel that it is now time to let it go. I'll still come on from time to time, watching as the same players never grow up – and the ones who finally do venture off to the other side of the fence where the grass is greener. This is my final message, my last goodbye to all those still stuck in the rut of Mars. Perhaps we will meet again; farewell.

November 29, 2011

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